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How to HireNOPD

Request an NOPD officer

If you need an officer for a job in the next 48 hours, please call us directly at (504) 658-8747

Why Hire NOPD?

New Orleans Police Department officers are the best equipped, most professional security officers in the region.

NOPD officers know how to manage the public, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, and respond in every situation with professionalism. They have the ability to make arrests and call for immediate back-up in emergencies. From patrolling the neighborhoods to managing millions of people for special events, your officers are trained and ready to serve.

The safety and protection of our citizens, visitors, and businesses are critical to our way of life in New Orleans, so we’ve made it easy for you to hire a professional New Orleans Police officer for your private security needs.



  • Retail & Restaurant Security
  • Property Protection (Neighborhood Patrol, Worksite Protection)
  • Permitted Special Event Security (including Block Parties)
  • Sporting Events
  • School Events & Team Escorts
  • Construction Traffic Management
  • Private & Public Events
  • French Quarter Residential or Business moves requiring a street blockage

  • Motorcycle Escorts - Please contact NOPD's Traffic Division at 504-658-6205, to schedule an escort.

If you are planning a Special Event, please visit the City of New Orleans Special Events website.



We use a flexible pricing system that allows the customer to choose one of the four available pricing tiers established by court order. The customer always has the final authority on which pricing tier to offer. 

OPSE 4-Tiered Pay/Fee/Price Schedule
Tier Police Officer
  Customer Price
  2+ $45.00
3 $54.33
4 $76.00
Tier Sergeant
  Customer Price
  2+ $49.00
3 $57.10
4 $76.00
Tier Lieutenant
  Customer Price
  2+ $51.00
3 $60.00
4 $76.00
Tier Captain / Major / Commander
  Customer Price
  2+ $55.00
3 $64.00



SuperUser Price Schedule for Customers Scheduling 100 or More Hours per Pay Period
(does not affect officer pay)
Tier Patrol Officer Sergeant Lieutenant Captain / Major / Commander
 2+ $43.80 $47.80 $49.80 53.80
3 $53.13 $55.90 $58.50 $62.80
4 $74.80 $74.80 $74.80 $74.80


“It is always a pleasure working with (your office), and the detail officers have been very professional and courteous. Our employees in the field feel much safer and can concentrate on their work without the fear of someone opening the door of the trailer or running into them. We appreciate all of the police officers and all that you do every day.”



—Darlene Barbier, Hunt Telecom

“Your officers were punctual, professional and we felt safe in their presence.”

—Patricia Tatum, Wedding Security

"We had a situation where we needed a police presence immediately. They were able to respond that day and provide us with a quality officer. The process was smooth and the billing component was really easy to complete."

—Orlando Apodaca, CVS Caremark, Regional Loss Prevention Manager

About Us

The Office of Police Secondary Employment

In May 2012, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced a major step forward by creating the Office of Police Secondary Employment (OPSE). The new, independent organization manages secondary employment for police officers. The new system centralizes oversight and shifts the responsibility for all aspects of police secondary employment from the individual officer to the OPSE. This means all initial contracting of work, joint planning to meet customer needs, scheduling of officers and supervisors, payment and accounting for work, and customer feedback will be executed and managed by the OPSE. Freeing officers of this administrative burden allows the police department to focus on preventing, fighting, and investigating crime in our city while maintaining an important supplementary service for businesses and civic organizations and preserving additional earning potential for our officers.